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So, What do World Conquerors do in their spare time, anyways?

In my case, I watch Science Fiction and Fantasy shows such as X-Files (although I may never forgive them for moving their filming location from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to Los Angeles...), Star Trek, Xena: Warrior Princess, and Hercules (Iolaus being my favourite character). I also spend time mourning the passing of Strange Luck, Gargoyles, and The Tick; three wonderful shows sacrificed to the evil gods of Corporate Money-Grubbing.

I'm a fairly big animation geek, with a soft spot for Japanese animation or "anime". Anything by Studio Ghibli or Miyazaki Hayao (Mr. Miyazaki is a now-retired, but near-legendary animator-artist-director responsible for "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind" and "Mononoke Hime"; Studio Ghibli not only produced these films, but others such as "Hotaru no Haka [Grave of the Fireflies]".)

I also enjoy cheesy cartoons, Disney animated musicals, and some computer animated series.

The Wonderful World of Beast Wars

My current obsession is with TRANSFORMERS: BEAST WARS!, partially because it's created by Mainframe Productions, which is situated in Vancouver, home to the West Coast Aptenodytian Empire Headquarters.... And partially because I've got a big crush on a certain voice actor starring in the series.

To define it in as few words as possible, it's a computer-animated series about a race of transforming robot life forms. Some are nice. Some are not-so-nice. Not all of the nice characters are on the "good guys" side, and not all of the not-so-nice characters are on the "bad guys" side. Call it a post-modern cartoon, if you will.

My TRANSFORMERS: BEAST WARS! section has fan-fiction (written by myself), fan-art (not by myself) and a whole lot of stuff on the mysterious fanfic character Two-tone.

Cultural injokes abound, so some people may wish to hang out in alt.toys.transformers or other newsgroups to get a "feel" for some of the real-life characters and notables mentioned in my Beast Wars Section.

Just click on the "BW" Warp Button to visit Two-tone's Lair of Beast Wars!

My Virtual Pet Area

I am also addicted to virtual pets; perhaps their egg-like shape appeals to my maternal instincts.

Ginjirochi with Heart

Dontcha just wanna huggle * the little guy to pieces?

* Huggle (vb): To hug, cuddle, and snuggle all at once.

As my page is hardly the best virtual pet page around, or the most complete, I've taken to calling it "Aurora Minui's Mini Virtual Pet Page"... It seems almost egotistical to call it an actual full "Virtual Pet Page". However, I pride myself on making it the most quirky and personable virtual pet site I can.

It has tamagotchi minutiae like a Tamagotchi Horoscopes, with actual factual Japanese Horoscope information, and Individual pages for the Tamagotchi characters, with copious translations from the Japanese tam books I have. As well, there's a Mateable Tamagotchi Gallery (constantly updated) with a Mateable Tam Family Tree Page in the works!

The most interesting parts of my Mini Virtual Pet Page, however, are probably my two Virtual Pet Diaries, one of which is dedicated to my lovely Mateable Tamagotchis. Among other things, I tend to ramble and rant entertainingly, and often my Virtual Pet Diaries are a stream-of-consciousness record of who I was when I wrote them, as well as a record of what virtual pets I was playing with at the time.

As time has gone by, my obsession has slowly expanded from "just official Bandai Tamagotchi" to "Virtual Pets of all shapes and sizes, provided that I find them cute or entertaining". Just click on the "Tama" Warp Button to visit my page of Tamagotchi, PostPet, Furby *, and more!

* Avid Furby lovers may wish to skip the "Furby" portion, as it includes tips on how to torture, mock and belittle a Furby, as well as some unique (i.e., slightly creepy) experiements that I tried out.

The Kinder Side of Megalomania

During my extensive research on the great megalomaniacal would-be world conquerors of the past, I discovered that almost all of them had one thing in common....
Besides being brilliant, cunning, charmingly (?) heartless and slightly insane in a kooky kind of way, they all had cute pets.

Jabba the Hutt had his Rancor...
David Xanatos has his Owen...
Megatron (of BW) had his hand puppet Mookie...

I can't tell you what my pets are right here, so I'm afraid you'll have to come into my lair and meet my pretties... Mwa ha ha ha!!!!

Oh wait. I was supposed to begin my maniacal laughter after you click on the link. Oops...

As well as picking up new bundles of virtual-pet-love on a semi-regular basis, I am also working on creating a page of online resources for young up-and-coming world conquerors like myself. Tentatively titled "The Young World Conquerors' Association", this site can be visited by clicking on the "YWCA" Warp Button... feel free to drop me a line if you can think of a better, less copy-right-infringement-y name, or you know where I can get more adorable pets.

Oh, and before I forget, here's my LINKS Section, containing links related to all of the above.

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Find out more about me, the creator!

Unlike some of those snooty world conquerors who spend all of their time sitting in cushy swivel-chairs with their faces (and Mysterious Pasts (tm)) hidden in shadow, I'm not afraid to tell you all about myself, and the beautiful city that my Plot to Conquer the World is situated in!

Just click on the link to find out more about the creator of this page...

Or click here to find out more about Vancouver, British Columbia! (And other wild, exotic locales ;D)

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