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The Dallas Stars are the 1998-1999 Stanely Cup Champions!


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The Dallas Stars are the 1998-1999 Stanely Cup Champions!



DIVX is Dead.



Right now my life consists of work, hockey, EverQuest and a new Rottie
puppy who I get next month. You'll be hearing a lot more about him. Sorry. ;)

First, I have a new interview up at PlanetDaikatana.

In this article I failed to mention anything about A3D which caused a flood of
email. We currently do support A3D 1.0. Soon we will have support for A3D 2.0
as well. Anyone with a card that supports A3D, D3D, or EAX and has a set of 4.1
or 5.1 speakers will have an awesome sound experience! At the time of the
interview I was working strickly with the EAX features of the SoundBlaster Live!
I now have a test computer with a Live! and one with an MX-300 so I can test
equally and they both sound great!

My tasks lately have been: Fixing sound problems in the engine, working on the save
and load routines, and tweaking monster behaviors and weapons.

We are showing single player stuff at E3. Stay tuned.


Gifts in the mail! Aureal sent us the SDK for A3D 2.0 today. So that will
be my first priority after the DeathMatch demo is done. They also sent a
new Diamond MonsterSound MX300. Same Vortex chip as the old one, but the
board is slightly different.

I'll try and get my surround speakers all setup and test both the Creative
Labs Live! and the Diamond MonsterSound MX300. I'm still waiting on Creative
to send me my new 5.1 speakers ...

DeathMatch demo is looking awesome, you guys are going to love it. We've
added new character animations, new weapon effects, and some other goodies
for y'all to play with.



Polished off the sound code today. Some of you might be interested to know
that Daikatana will be using MP3s for the cinematic audio. Aren't we just
technology hounds?

3D sound is in and is sounding excellent. I've tested everything on a Creative
Labs Sound Blaster Live and its a great card. I'll be testing on a Diamond
Monster Sound also, so all you Diamond owners will be covered.

This rest of this update is rants. Feel free to ignore me.

I got a Creative Labs Riva TNT card the other day. For $99 you can't beat
this card. Forsaken looks excellent, Quake/Quake2 just rock, and Half-life
looks good as well. If you are looking for an excellent 2D/3D card at an
excellent price go buy one.

Also, today I got an email from Origin. Basically they told me to piss off.
I guess I'm waiting for Everquest now. Too bad Ion Storm isn't doing an
online RPG.


Happy New Year Everyone! Two years to the millenium!

Today I've got two things and they aren't related to Daikatana or Ion Storm.

First, is my bitch. Ultima Online needs to fix their Player Killer problem.
That's all I'm saying for now, but be prepared to hear more about this. Also,
feel free to email and bitch about my opinion on this topic.

Second, the Diamond Rio kicks much ass! John bought us all Rio's and they
are like the greatest things on earth. (THANKS JOHN!) The hardest thing
about having one is picking out the 8 songs I want to keep on it. (At 128k
you can hold about 8 songs. At 64k though you can hold 16, thus the 60
minutes of music.)

Hopefully Diamond will make larger memory cards than 16MB. (And drop the


Okay, I'm here I might as well tell y'all what I'm doing.

Sound Engine - I took over all the sound code stuff. I ripped apart the
original Quake 2 code and made it work with the Miles audio engine.
If anyone wants to add sound to any game I highly recommend it.

I am currently in the process of adding some cool 3D audio stuff so
that all you people with SB Lives will have a kick ass game to play.
If you don't have one yet. Go buy one.

Other cool things to be added:
* Streaming Audio - For cinematic audio streaming off CD

Also, thanks to me our viewthings now play their sounds with their
animations. Totaly useless to y'all, but it's progress. :)