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If anyone cares to read this worthless crap.

Unreal Tournament, and Q3 are fucking bad ass.
Good work to all involved.

And I will UT CTF your ass to death if you want.

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If anyone cares to read this worthless crap.

Unreal Tournament, and Q3 are fucking bad ass.
Good work to all involved.

And I will UT CTF your ass to death if you want.

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Drink Water
Drink Water
Drink Water
Drink Water
Drink Water
Drink Water
Drink Water
Drink Water
Drink Water
Drink Water
Drink Water

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Boy do I love the Stardust

Games won

Games won

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Ok so there is this great contest out there to see whom can make the best Low Poly model
of a hot little slut. I think it’s a good idea and it should be interesting to see what people can
come up with. Time to walk the walk instead of just mouthing off all this talk. But I have
one big problem with said contest. I guess if you are enough of a “bad ass” to pass into the
2nd round then you get to animate and skin your creation. But it says motion capture
Is allowed, what’s up with this? I could get a one legged bag of sand to animate with motion
Capture. It’s like having a contest to see who can create the most photo realistic texture and then
allowing people to scan in photos. At that point where is the talent required? I know Murphy can
animate well, and I would be interested to see what other people could do. But I guess some people
are scared for some reason, I don’t know. I just think it is kind of shitty that is all, mean animate
your own stuff mankle. Plus I don’t really like the way Motion Captured animation looks on a
low poly model anyway, it’s creepy. I feel the animation style needs to fit the character being
animated. If you have high poly photoreal characters, like Final Fantasy does, then motion capture
looks bad ass. But if you have low poly shit with motion capture animation, it looks like that EA
sports commercials with a low poly Barry Sanders running around in the real world. It just doesn’t
fit, you have realistic motion on an unrealistic character running around in a most unrealistic world.

So animate your own stuff. Or who cares what your model looks like, your animation skills are
part of your bad assedness, so get animating you slaps. hehe

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When I say 3rd person games sometimes
suck, I am talking about Metal Gear
Solid, and Resident Evil. Those games
have camera flaws that make them a
nightmare to play on occasion.

I hear Heretic II fixes this and
has a great 3rd person camera.

Speaking of which..why will nobody
do a Hair-a-Teck TC for QII. I loved
Heretic more than, dare I say, Doom!
I couldn't get enough. It is, in my
mind, still the best!


Mace w/book through portals :)

Phoenix Rod, people catching on fire.

The only thing that sucked was the
Phoenix rod with the book.

So same day on getting on this!!!!
Jesus..........I need it mang!!!!

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I have decided that Half-Life is more
bad ass then Metal Gear Solid.

I have also decided that 3rd person
games annoy me because I can never
look where I want to. It is annoying
to not be able to see things because
the camera is blocked by a beam. Or
getting shot at from off screen.

That sucks.

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Shhh...the DK M-Player Demo is out the door.

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BAD ASS..they fixed my name shit...:)

So I have been playin DK DM a lot lately
and yesterday we got into a game of Q2.
It rocks don't get me wrong, but I found
myself being able to dodge missles and
shit like never before. I am guessing
that the faster pace of DK has uP'ed my
reflexes. WaaaACHOW!!!!!

Do you ever have one of those really crappy
work deals. Like yesterday I was adding a
c-4 "grenade" to the in game 3rd person
model, right. So I UView it, and save it,
deliver it, and check it in the game and it
is all screwed up. So I go load it back in
Lighthell and check for 1 and 2 point polys.
It tells me there are 4 1 point polys. So I
don't know how on earth those single vertexes
got converted into polys WITHOUT me using the
"points to polys" plug-in. Thanks a lot, thanks
for taking 3 hours to fix that crap!

But in the end it rocks..because now..all the
weapons can be held be Mikiko, Hiro, and
Superfly and it looks BAD ASS!!!!! I love
seeing those dudes running around with their
weapons In hand.

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Get that DOMINION stuff OFF OF HERE..HELP!!!!!!!!

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Jesus I can't stop playing DK deathmatch. I will
never get any work done...crap.

I IS ROCK HARD to be working on a game that you actually
want to play...that RULES..and makes all the long hours
hard core worth it.

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Holy..I playd some DK Deathmatch last night..and it
was a fucking blast. It actually supprised me. I have
been playing the shit out of Half-Life Deathmatch, and
I love it. But playing DK DM is a different experience,
a lot faster and actually more fun. The weapons look
great, and the effects are awsome. I love the Sidewinder
missle trail rules..thanks to Justin. Also,
the Ion Blaster, which used to be less than exciting
to shoot, is now ROCK HARD. It hase a bad ass effect,
and the sound rocks..thanks just feels and
looks like it is Electro-Ionizing everything in sight.

The DM level is bad ass too. It is like this bad ass
base in the rain. We have a great rain effect, and
the rain sound makes me want to stay inside..and not
go outside. I love it when a level can have that
effect on you.

I can't wait until Andrew is able to get the Main...
......oh wait....can't say. But is is going to be
bad ass.

We are working to get this mutha BAD ASS..and it is great
to see those weapons take their final shape. The team is
cranking and I am constantly amazed at how much we have
gotten done in the last month or two.

ALSO...Ludo..our French Art Wonder working on one
of the Cinematic sets,and it is just plain AWSOME!!!

AND THEN.................whew.....The E1 levels are looking
bad ass. The level Bras and Brees have been working round
the clock to bring them up to snuff. I can't say enough
good things about our level crew, Cris is getting everything
bad ass..and the levels are really starting to come to life.
I can't wait until we get our trees and stuff in
the should look...well...swampy bad ass!!

Hold tight Buddies....

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Dudes..I just saw something BAD ASS in DK!!!!
HOLY F(*#&&%_@@&$^&*%!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I want to go to the top of SHIT HILL!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate my is ruining my fucking life.

Do you ever have one of those days. My life is all
screwed up right now. I was at work pretty late
last night, went home, slept like a rock, and now
I am totally exausted. What gives?

Credit Speech. I say having your credit ruined is
good. Why? I can't finance $2000 here
$4000 there. It forces you to save and pay cash, never get into hard core debt! BAD ASS!!

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Man..Daikatana is getting ROCK HARD! We got this guy..Chris Perna
working on skinning stuff, and he RULES!! Wait till you see some
of his work. We most recently had the Cerebus remodeled to look
more monster like..and the MODEL rules. Well I asked Chris to
skin that thing..and it looks TOUGH as hell. The cerberus was
one of the first things that was modeled for DK so it was not quite
up to snuff...but it is now baby.

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Yes dudes. I was sick and now I'm not.
That rules....being sick blows!!

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This weekend I went to the best party ever.
I took in the following mind altering substances.

4 beers
5 rum 'n' cokes
5 GoldSchlager shots

And I didn't get sick..or have a hangover. Does
this mean that I am GOD? I think it does, so can
you all start calling me God? Ok thanks.