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Bryan Pritchard
Lead Artist - Daikatana


Spent that last 2 days finalizing some models issues in the engine… one little bug caught me for
most of a day.. but Kee in all his wisdom (and pasciences) showed me the light (and the solution).
Really glad to hear all
The feedback about the stuff on the web… it’s looking pretty good.

It’s good to be working with Chuck again (an old Origin employee who worked with me on
Ultima Online.. and I managed to tear him away from the … well I’ll leave it at that.. heh).
Anyways.. as I figured, he working out tremendously..

Well.. gonna run and kick Ronn’s ass at Red Alert now (he has yet to figure out that I am the best
and can’t be beat!!! ?). Type to ya next time


Well.. things are starting to look a lot better. The new character stuff is look GREAT!! Have
you checked out the web yet?? Some new images of those new characters...
Spent a lot of time with Jeff the past coupla weeks to get the models to a place where Jerry
and I were happy with them.. and I think he's got the hang of it now... and things are look
really baddas (again...). Murphy and Ronn have really jumped into the model building scene.. and
are doing well, as well as making some kick ass animations.
Basically everyone is doing a kick ass job, and our team has really gelled together.
I would also like to welcome Chuck Crist... a former Origin artist (who worked on Ultima Online
with me)... to the team. He is now working with Dr. Sleep as a textured artist on the Greek
level. I think we'll see some killer stuff there soon... and maybe I'll actually get to do
some cool stuff myself soon!!! (Ohhhhhh it's been so long!!!.. development.. :P )

I'd just like to let the world know that this is the best team I've ever worked with (and
I have worked with a few). Not only is it a great group of artists.. but we have a killer group
of designers and programmers. Nelno, Shawn, and Kee are some of the best in my book.. they
WORK with artists.. not against them. Nelno and Kee are really kicking ass with the AI... doing
some stuff that I've never seen before. I've also been working with Shawn on weapon effects and
the like.

And not to sound like I'm winning an Emmy or anything.. I'd like to congratulate the
level designers on doing a BAD ASS job with the level they are working on. They've all got it
down pat.. no doubt about it.. our stuff is going to look great. You guys are gonna freak when
this game comes out!!

I guess that about sums up my rambling.. I'll try and update a little more often.