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Finally! Play Quake and QuakeWorld online with real people on your DOS PC. No more trying to find that BWTCP driver (which only works for PPP anyways). Just simply load your packet driver and start it up! For the best experience, refer to the utilities below to help dramatically increase your video speed. QDOS and QWDOS handles most newer servers and there's even a few new commands.
Some of them include:

There's more under the hood! Be sure to read the changelog.txt for more information.

Thanks to NeoZeed for the original concept. Additional thanks to Deek, Leilol, LordHavoc, Sezero, Spoike, and Taniwha for their various help and snippets of code. Even extra additional thanks to FitzQuake, QuakeSpasm, EzQuake, and FTE teams for some of their code.

Tools and Utilities:

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