Would it be better to take a quick and nimble, stealthy advanced tactical fighter into harm's way than to use a slower, ground based trooper? Is it easier to evade missiles in the air than when on the ground? When it comes to movement, is airspeed generally quicker than ground speed? Do the Bulls live in Chicago? Yes, yes, yes! Michael Jordan understood the concept of air speed, timing and movement, but he never had to face Air Mikiko!


Mastering the rocket and strafe jump is essential in facilitating movement (read about this under tactics). Those new to Daikatana usually spend most of their time dribbling their balls on the ground so-to-speak, while others who move more quickly and efficiently score all the points. Knowing the quickest route from point A to point B, and how to accomplish it, and its variations is important. Take away the fancy billboards, the aesthetic and ballistic distractions, and the DK maps contain a plethora of geometric springboards from which to jump into action.It is quicker to jump out a four story window and land on the street than to walk to the elevator, push the button, wait for the ride, then take a leisurely stroll down to ground level, while everyone can suspect where you are by virtue of elevator shaft noise. Yet how many times have you seen newbies do this?

The Gibbler map is a virtual maze of ledges, fence rails, and other platforms from which to strafe jump and traverse great distances. A classic example is the 4th story mine tower strafe jump to the rocket room window. An unarmed player can hop onto the fence rail of the mine tower balcony, and use it as a springboard to straffe jump to the rocket room window. It is literally just a hop, skip and a jump away without the skip.

Using momentum, timing and effective strafe jumping, one can quickly fly to and from the following areas in Gibbler:

- Rocket elevator room window to golden soul on 3rd floor of mine tower balcony.
- Rocket elevator room window to 2nd floor mine tower balcony near attack.
- High rocket room window to roof or ledge of vitality building
- High rocket room window to building ledge, then to bridge between vitality and acro buildings.
- Vitality building roof (terrace) to most roofs in sight.
- Certain roofs to other roofs, sometimes using the ledges as springboards.
- Ledge on acro building to roof across from building 1.

When used in conjunction with the sidewinder or shotcycler, one can extend the hang time in air while strafe jumping, and traverse further distances:

- High rocket room window to vitality building terrace is even easier.
- Vitality building terrace to practically all roofs in sight.
- Jump from rocket elevator room window to goldensoul on 3rd floor of mine tower is even easier this way.
- Goldensoul balcony to rocket elevator room window.

When one feels more comfortable mastering these air routes, Gibbler suddenly seems a much smaller and manageable map. From the power room, the acro, vitality, speed, and attack buildings are quickly accessible. Expedient movement and learning the roads less travelled will help you control the powerups, such as power. Feel the power! With the rocket jump, one can access the two elevator room windows and most of the roofs from the street.

Flying and Power Attacking

The best defense is a good offense. Since moving air targets are harder to hit, it makes sense to do much of your fighting while in the air. I launch the majority of my rockets while my feet are off the ground. When flying out of the power room to a nearby ledge or building, especially with power, take a quick glance down and around. You have just enough time to locate, aim and fire a rocket before you land. Power obviously increases collateral damage and kill capacity, so usually one shot is all you need for a frag.

Likewise, if someone is camping out on a rooftop, and you're standing on theground on the opposite end of the map down the street, engage your fly and attack move. You can usually rocket jump towards the roof and frag your opponent as you rapidly fly toward him in the air. Unless he is good at shooting down clay pigeons, your chances of hitting your target are much better than his. You have the entire time while flying though the air to aim at him, eliminate the surrounding walls and ground from which his rockets could cause splash damage to you, and force him to aim at you in the air.

This is Not Bowling!

Do not expect your targets to remain stationary and do not stop moving to see if you have made a strike. Here's an example:

Strafe jump out of the high rocket room window, locate a taret on the roof of the vitality building, launch your rocket, then quickly LOOK ELSEWHERE and acquire potential secondary targets. The Gibbler map is usually not set up for one on one competition; it is you against several others. Keep in mind that whenever you fire your weapon, you are waiving a red flag to your opponents, signalling your location. As soon as you fire your weapon, especially a power rocket, don't stand motionless to watch it; get the hell out of harm's way while your rocket is zooming toward its target, and move on toward others. The screen text will indicate whether or not your attack resulted in a frag.

Frag the kingpins! Newbies will begin to accusse you of timescaling and cheating because they don't understand how airspeed can facilitate movement. Instead of smacking back the trash talkers, just frag them from where they are not looking, from the air!

Gonna Fly Now!

Once you feel comfortable with your rocket and strafe jump, become more familiar with the map's details. Use your springboards--the ledges, roofs, and window edges--to dramatically improve your movement and transit time from one place to another. I reflect upon how I played after I first installed this game, compared to how I now perceive the Daikatana surroundings. I felt empowered by my ability to quickly move about, acquire and eliminate targets swiftly and efficiently from the air, while evading attack. As I spent more and more of my time in the air, I began to feel a surge in adrenaline rush, akin to racing a GSXR on a wide open road, or jumping a wave on an 1100ZXi. Just remember, it's not safe to walk the streets of Gibbler at night. So practice these intermediate techniques, and you gonna fly now!

Author: DJ HAPPY CAMPER (a.k.a. ksfrogman)

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