Here's a little spot where you can download some MSD, KMO and related projects.

(I'm still updating this shit, it's constantly evolving and this page is just a basic HTML whipup, I'll get a prettier layout soon <3)

Straight from the words of Brother Paul himself, "yes. we love you. please try to help us out and maybe buy some of the releases on vinyl if you like what you hear. your contributions keep KMO/MSD Records alive and completely DIY. Thanks for checking us out, hopefully you'll enjoy some of these tunes."

Released marked in Green are Official KMO Catalog Releases.
Releases marked in Magenta are NOT KMO Catalog Releases.

A Haunted Drift - Self-Titled [Demo] [MP3] [84.71MB]
Acheronian - Playing God
[2005 Demo] [MP3] [41.49MB]
Acheronian - Drug Songs [MP3] [32.88MB]
Acheronian - Kantucky [MP3] [18.80MB]
Acheronian - Kantucky [WMA Lossless] [52.05MB]

Acheronian - Sex and Drugs [WMA Lossless] [216.00MB]
Acheronian - Sex and Drugs [5-Track Demo] [WMA] [20.95MB]

Acheronian - With Love Heart and Soul From Me to You
[MP3] [51.52MB]
Astronomers Don't Play Dead - Demo [Remaster] [MP3] [15.99MB]

Clancy Six - Self-Titled, One-Sided 7"
[MP3] [4.19MB]
Clancy Six - Self-Titled, One-Sided 7" [WMA Lossless] [90.73MB]
Dot Flash Line - Easter Demo 2002 [MP3] [25.61MB]
Dot Flash Line - G7 EP [MP3] [15.57MB]
Dot Flash Line - G7 EP [WMA Lossless] [202.51MB]
Dreams Prevail - The Unethical Configuration of Us [MP3] [10.36MB]
Dreams Prevail - H.E.R. [MP3] [8.57MB]
Dreams Prevail - Miguel Era [MP3] [22.39MB]
Dreams Prevail - ... [MP3] [5.01MB]
Dreams Prevail - John Q. Public Era [MP3] [8.29MB]
Dreams Prevail - Self-Titled [MP3] [38.11MB]
Dreams Prevail - Logarithmics [MP3] [39.36MB]
Kage Bunshin - Pitseleh [First Demo] [MP3] [5.07MB]
Kage Bunshin - Second Demo [MP3] [5.14MB]
Kage Bunshin - Live [Second Show] [MP3] [12.39MB]
Kage Bunshin - 3" CD [MP3] [43.19MB]
Keith Martin Orzech - Promo CD [MP3] [29.45MB]
Keith Martin Orzech - Self-Titled 7" (a.ka. KMO001) [MP3] [14.62MB]
Keith Martin Orzech - Self-Titled 7" (a.ka. KMO002) [MP3] [8.74MB]
Keith Martin Orzech - Self-Titled 7" (a.ka. KMO002) [WMA Lossless] [127.43MB]
Last Man Laughing - When Everything Fell 7" [MP3] [11.55MB]
Last Man Laughing - When Everything Fell 7" [WMA Lossless] [44.42MB]
Mountain of Nibel - Nibel EP [MP3] [28.63MB]
Paperbag Writer - Discography [MP3] [23.67MB]
Piasa - Pepto Records Cassette/CD-R [MP3][20.61MB]
Shinryu-ken - Africa [MP3] [31.75MB]
Sunrise.Sunset - I Am The Ghost That Haunts You [MP3] [20.08MB]
Sunrise.Sunset - Is This Progress? (a.k.a. 7-Song EP) [MP3] [9.59MB]
Vincent Price's Orphan Powered Death Machine - Discography [MP3] [49.60MB]
XOTE - 14 New Hot Jamzzzzzzzzz [WMA] [43.93MB]

XOTE - Computers Get High [Re-Release] [MP3] [28.05MB]


Some interesting tidbits:

Dot Flash Line - Easter Demo contains a different vocalist.
Kage Bunshin Pitseleh Demo is just Keith and Christian.
Kage Bunshin Second Demo is recorded with a single microphone.
Paperbag Writer was a project with Keith and Greg (the drummer of Sunrise.Sunset).
Any DP before Self-Titled is pretty much ancient shit and most of it isn't worth checking out, but if you're interested feel free to check it out.
Last Man Laughing was the precursor to Vincent Price, it's also fucking amazing so listen to that shit!
I made a rip of a Test Pressing Paul Orzech sent me of Vincent Price's MSD 7", it appeared to be mixed just a bit differently, at least that's how it sounded for me, so that might be worth checking out. There maybe a few missing tracks and if anyone has them please let me know.
Acheronian - Drug Songs features sped up vocals to emulate the sound of a woman singing, pretty interesting and I highly recommend checking it out.
XOTE is a Re-release which has some tracks pulled out (Tristan says probably for the best).

Here's some email I sent to Paul explaining the decent old DP tracks


Just to save myself from making an ass out of myself, here's the tracks I think that are worth listening to

From ...
She Turns To Me And Says... I'm Sorry
When Dreams Fail (This is an unmastered version of X)
It's Closing In On Me (This is an unmastered version of XX)
Eilnay Errypay (Haha, fucking Neil Perry in pig latin, god I was so lame in 9th grade)

I think the 4 tracks from H.E.R. are fairly decent, it's probably some of the more earlier attempts at fucking around with noise.

From Unethical ...

Ringu (I redid this on S/T)
Descending Her Staircase
My Visit With
Kill Switch (for some weird reason people liked this back in the day meh)

From Miguel 5 Track

Audio Track 01 (Frank)
Audio Track 02 (Mike)

From Miguel New Stuff
Track 04
Track 05

The whole John Q Public shit is alright.

Most of the other stuff I'm telling you to avoid is either completely retarded, incoherent or I was still learning how to mix shit and unfortunetly I don't have the original waves for some of it so I could never fix it up. Especially the first two retardedly named tracks on ... , I was fucking around with that stuff and just, ugh, that shit is horrible lol.

Anyways, let me know what you think, my personal favourite is the Miguel stuff, that was when we were all listening to too much fucking VP and Daughters, haha.


Frank Sapone of Dreams Prevail

(massive thanks to Paul Orzech for helping out! Anyone else on the KMO family, please feel free to send me links so I can host your files as well.)