D A I K A T A N A   E D I T I N G

NOTE: This file is provided for archival purposes. Please E-Mail me personally and I'll add any map to the site.

Submitting Your Files

There are two ways to submit files to Planet Daikatana, the Most Preferred Way and the Least Preferred Way :P

    Make sure your files:
  • are Virus-checked and clean
  • are zipped up using the latest WinZip
  • contain a readme with AT LEAST your name, email address, and instructions for use

The Most Preferred Way: Upload your file to your own personal webspace, or get some space from Geocities or Fortune City and store the file there. Then use FilePlanet's handy Submission page to create a nice description page, link to wherever you have the file stored, and select the appropriate Daikatana section to place the file in. Fileplanet will give you an URL to your new file description page, so send that link in to us for promotion!

The Least Preferred Way: Email Them To Us. If the file isn't total crap Planet Daikatana will upload it and then you can follow the steps above to place them in FilePlanet's system.

Remember if you think you're going to make more than one map or utility, the option is available to get hosted here on Planet Daikatana and then you will have unlimited space to store your files!